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Prologue - The Artist's Enemy

It hasn't come easy for me to share work. I have an Arch Nemesis, and he lives rent free in my mind.

He is my inner critic, and he should have gotten a name by now given all of the trouble he's caused me over the years. Let's call him Ramsey, as in Gordon, as in one of the most obnoxious and stress inducing personalities of all time (on TV at least... for all I know, he's a jolly, friendly pal in real life who would eat your burnt steak and compliment you for bravely trying a new level of char).

Inner Critic Ramsey doesn't like it when I try to share anything about myself- whether my audience consists of trusted family/ friends, or anonymous strangers. He makes me fear that I'm either showing off or that I'm offering up mediocre work that I should be embarrassed to even think was share worthy.

This is what I'm up against every time I share anything. Makes it all a very... delightful process.

So in writing the first post on my new blog, I thought carefully about how to connect with you in an honest way that relates to the site. I thought I would be bold and just strip the armor off so you could get a good look at what goes on behind every post that will happen here at . It's literally impossible for me to share any picture, any video, any story without Inner Critic Ramsey working me over from all sides.

In some ways he is an excellent quality-control kind of guy. But most of the time, he's kind of overboard vicious and he negatively impacts how often I share my work. Surviving and thriving in the film industry really depends on quality of work but also consistency. Consistently creating. Consistently sharing. Consistently gaining followers. Consistently proving your mettle, proving that you're serious about your art, and consistently showing people that you're not going anywhere but up.

But let me pump the brakes a bit: I do not want the entire blog to just be a Live Journal account chronicling all of my battles with Ramsey. I felt it necessary to introduce the villain of my life's story since you've already hopefully learned about the hero after reading his Long Version Bio (if you are here and you've successfully made it to the end of that, I congratulate you, and now I wonder what your Long Version Bio is? Feel free to share that in the message forum on the main page!).

I'm sure all of you fine visitors would much rather read about some real life film making experiences, learn about the the film industry from someone in the trenches, and hopefully find some inspiration from seeing how all the pieces fit together. And if you wanted to support my upcoming projects, that would be fantastic as well.

I'm going to wrap this up and get some shut eye. This week I'll be hunting for gigs as per usual, and will also begin preparations for three days of shooting actor demo scenes which I'm quite excited about.

Thank you very much for visiting my site and reading my first blog! We shall see you again soon.

Stay tuned to the blog and let's become.... family.

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