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"Laddu Barfi" BTS, late 2022

(Not quite Throwback Thursday, but close enough)

Some time ago, I received the BTS photos and videos from a feature film I assisted on, named "Laddu Barfi" directed by Avtar Singh. Rajesh Rathore was DP, and he was great to work with. I learned a lot working with him and pulling focus for him. Just today I found the files again, and after remembering that I promised myself I would someday organize that content, I decided today was the day to do it.

This film was my first major project after moving to Calgary. Despite some rough days and funky

scheduling, it was a great experience to meet local crew and work on an international production. Most of principle photography was shot in Calgary, taking us to places such as the Rosedale off leash dog park, an old police arrest processing station downtown, Espresso Cafe, and the Calgary International Airport. Production wrapped their Canadian returned to India to finish shooting in late 2022.

Anyhow, enjoy some of these photos and the video, all of which was shot by Gurdeep Grewel.

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